– One of the Best Twitter List Managers You’ve Never Heard Of is one of those apps that’s never quite received the accolades it should have. I have been using on and off for at least 4 or 5 years now but few I mention it to have heard of it. Well, I’m here to introduce you to its power. is a beast at managing your Twitter lists and followers. For instance, tonight I was updating my Twitter background (it’s pretty) and then I made a cup of coffee and took a look at who I’m following. A peeve of mine is following people who aren’t saying anything. So I started clicking on individuals to see if they had any recent tweets and user after user hadn’t tweeted in months.

Update: At my last check August 30, 2016, appears to be unavailable, although the domain IS still active. I haven’t been able to reach a contact at this domain.

I started unfollowing one by one and then I remembered my old friend. to the rescue! All I needeed to do was log in (authenticated through Twitter so no password necessary) and set my criteria and BOOM! There’s a list of who I’m following who haven’t tweeted within 60 days. Click the image for a larger view. [NOTE: The people in the current list shown aren’t those who haven’t tweeted within 60 days. I had to get the screenshot before clicking Find Users so you could see what I entered for my criteria.]

Now I can just find those users, select them all and unfollow in a few clicks. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a real world example of how I’ve used it for my own business.

After writing a blog post about how to grow a LinkedIn group, I did a search for anyone who tweeted “created LinkedIn group” because this is the default text LinkedIn uses to tweet about a newly created group. I found those users and back when we could still tweet to entire lists I created a group of those users and then tweeted a useful note and a link to my blog post. Go check out the comments from the people who were glad to discover the tips I gave them. They’re not my friends or people I knew beforehand although some are now LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media connections. I gave them information they were interested in right then. If you just created a LinkedIn group, you want useful group management information. Voila! And while 16 comments for a blog post isn’t headline news, how many of your posts sit idle with none?

There’s so much more you can do with!

  • Want to find out who follows your competition or who they are following?
  • How many followers they have?
  • Who’s tweeting certain keywords?
  • Want to follow those with a Klout score of more than x?
  • How about following only those who follow back more than 80% of their followers?
  • Want to follow users in a certain location who have a Klout score of more than x and has x keywords in their bios?
  • Has anyone tweeted, “I need someone to help me with…” in the last hour that you can assist?

Sounds crazy, right? I KNOW! If you’re using Twitter to get noticed by a particular fanbase can help you identify just who those people are. It’s amazing everyone doesn’t know about it and use it.

This is a terrific way to get new traffic to new and older blog posts alike! As long as you have content that’s still relevant in your older posts (evergreen content), there are people who could use what you know! I just did a quick search and look how many people just posted about creating a new LinkedIn group. I’m going to give myself a personal goal of having 25 comments on that old post by next week. You can see if I make it or not!

It seems there’s never been a lot of fanfare around from Alex Bosworth, the programmer of the app, but if you Google it you’ll find there are a lot of fans. Someone even pinned it on Pinterest. So I can’t speak for the future of the app but it’s been around for years and I really don’t know what I’d use in place of it should it disappear.

So the next time you’re looking through your Twitter stream and aren’t seeing anything retweet-worthy and want to follow some more people who are talking about what you’re interested in or can use to your professional advantage check out I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what a little digging will uncover.

Check out today and you can find Alex Bosworth on Twitter.

Happy tweeting!

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