Branding With Your Signature Line

I was in my local library recently and ran into a friendly neighbor who was thumbing through a book I never would have picked up. It was The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Branding Yourself. I normally stray from this series of books (as well as the “Dummy” series everyone is familiar with), presuming the information is so watered down that it can’t possibly be of much value to someone like me who craves detail.  I flipped through and fell upon a few pages that I was surprised to find had some information regarding the usage of signature lines in our digital correspondence and thought, “Now this is worth sharing!” Continue reading “Branding With Your Signature Line”

Oh No – Not Another Password!

I remember when it was cool to have an online account to something … anything. I recall when I first signed up for online accounts to all the local supermarkets I frequented. I thought it was great to be able to log in and see the circulars, save favorite products in my online shopping list and keep an eye on sales. Now, years later, I currently have 531 passwords and I know only about a dozen by heart. The rest I couldn’t tell you if I were tortured. Continue reading “Oh No – Not Another Password!”