StartupsAnonymous – Air Your Biz Secrets

1798409_740473952637165_764355315_n[1]So you started a business and there’s some “stuff” going on. You don’t want to tell a friend for fear your lack of success will be put on blast across the internet and you don’t know where to turn. Sound familiar? Maybe not but there’s a relatively new site out that caters to the sometimes darker side of entepreneurship.

StartupsAnonymous is like PostSecret for business. Here’s a small sampling of rants:

  • An employee in a London startup sees that the company’s product isn’t a hit and that management hasn’t “faced up to why our uptake has been so poor,” so is it time to jump ship?
  • What do you do when you’re trying to build a business and your spouse is an unstable addict?
  • It’s tough to start a business when you secretly have a panic disorder.
  • You and a partner are shutting down a business and you’re scared because you’re about to let down investors who trusted you and tell people there’s not enough money left to pay them.

Wow! Feel free to peruse some of the content over at StartupsAnonymous. One of a few things may happen. You might feel relieved that you’re not the only one going through some rough spots in your business. You might be able to offer some sound advice to these struggling entrepreneurs. Or you could possibly end up feeling better about your business position when you realize you really don’t have it so bad. StartupsAnonymous is also on Facebook.

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