5 Reasons You Should Comment on Blogs

Awhile ago I wrote Why Don’t We Comment on Blogs and to date it is still the most popular and heavily commented post in this blog. Apparently, for all the blogging we’re doing, everyone wants to know what it takes to get more blog comments. But, of course, before you can get the comments, you’ve got to get the readers. So today we’re readdressing the blog commenting issue from another angle. You, my friend, should still be commenting on blogs.

If you are just starting out with blogging, your process probably goes something like this; write a post, post it, done. Not much of a process, right? It’s no wonder you don’t get many comments. Besides your immediate circle of friends and your social media network (those who really follow everything you do) no one knows you just wrote something incredible. And even out of those, how many are commenting on all your fabulous content? Very few, if any.

That’s why you have to be proactive in getting visitors and new comments on your blog and one of the simplest ways is by commenting on other blogs.

  1. Back Links: “Commenting is a very helpful technique in developing a good page rank. In the world of blogging you must be socially active. Commenting on blogs helps you generate back links to your site.”
  2. Visibility: “A lot of people have told me that they’ve seen me close to everywhere, and the reason they’ve seen me everywhere is because I’ve been everywhere. When you comment on blogs, people will see you, they’ll notice you, and they’ll remember you.”
  3. Traffic: “I’ve spent a lot of time digging deeply into my analytics, taking a look at the various sources of traffic for my blog. You see, it’s incredibly important to know how readers are finding you. And one thing I’ve noticed is that a good bit of my traffic comes from inbound links from other blog posts. When I dig even deeper, I discover that a good number of those inbound links are directly from my comments on those blogs.” http://inklingmedia.net/2012/04/09/6-reasons-you-should-comment-on-other-blogs/
  4. Guest Blogging: “While guest blogging opportunities are able to be found in a variety of ways, one of the best ways to find guest blogging opportunities is by commenting on other blogs and getting to know those blog authors. After you’ve built up a rapport with another blogger, you can exchange guest posts and strengthen your community even more.” http://www.briangardner.com/blog-comments/
  5. Karma: This isn’t an official reason to comment on blogs, but think about it. If you’re scratching your head because you don’t have any comments on your blog but you never take the time to leave comments on anyone else’s blog, do you really have the right to kvetch? No, you really don’t.

I’m sure you can think of reasons for not commenting on other blogs. You’re busy building a business – you don’t have time to be bothered. Well, as a client taught me a couple years ago, blogging is business. You can’t quite position yourself as an expert on anything if you don’t have an audience. And it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. You know how you see something either extremely stupid or wildly entertaining on the news and you start talking to the TV? It’s just the same with blogs. If you’re writing about topics you’re passionate about (which you should be) then you should easily be able to comment on the same subject on other blogs. While you’re there, leave a link to your own blog in your signature and voila – you’ve just planted a seed.

As a last note, you won’t be fooling anyone with a thoughtless comment such as, “Good article.” I mean, yeah, that’s nice, but you’re not adding anything valuable so you’re just as well to say nothing. I wouldn’t click to investigate who left that comment.

Leave a comment that’s sincere, such as this one I left on a blog post I discovered in a LinkedIn group I belong to. I mentioned where I came across the post and then, in subsequent comments, offered tips to expand on the ones the author had shared. I’ve now demonstrated I read the article, I know what I’m talking about and I’m an expert someone may want to consult. You can see that comment string here: http://thetechiementor.com/new/5-useful-tips-on-project-management/#comments

Here’s your chance to comment. Show us your blog link and let me know if you’re commenting on blogs yourself.

I welcome your comments! No part of this article may be reproduced in any manner without permission and attribution.