Why I Only Comment on Blogs That Use Disqus

As many of you who have followed my content for years know, I have frequently reported on the importance of commenting on blogs for building traffic, backlinks and new interest in your own website. Especially for newer sites, this can’t be ignored. No matter how popular you are with friends, family and associates, they are not likely the ones purchasing your services and products. You need real traffic for that.

One of my secrets for years has been to comment only on sites that use Disqus. My main reasoning is manageability. I am interested in many topics from technology to gardening to cooking. My digital footprint is all over the web as I comment frequently on topics that inspire me. I can’t possibly keep track of all the places I’ve commented or found useful content. I am not even remotely interested in taking on such a project!

By commenting on sites that use Disqus, I can see every comment on every site I comment on. I can even edit or remove those comments at a later date if I choose to. I can turn off email notifications and still pull them up later by simply logging in to Disqus. That’s powerful stuff!

The problem I am addressing today is, “Where do we find sites of interest that are using Disqus?” Simply enter a Google search beginning with, “blog comments powered by Disqus” and the string for whatever content you are looking for.

So if I were looking for topics about Taylor Swift and the Apple music controversy, I’d Google, “blog comments powered by Disqus” “Taylor Swift” “apple music”. Every site that’s returned in my search uses Disqus. After that I’d just click the most interesting post and comment away.

Now here’s my power tip: Turn that search into a Google Alert and you can automatically be notified of topics you are most interested in. You can use this for your clients, research, favorite artists…anything you can think of that might be worth commenting on.

Remember, smart commenting on blogs (that adds value to the subject matter; not spammy one-liners) can build SEO, backlinks, new traffic and relationships with bloggers. It takes time, but it’s worth it. You’re online anyway so make it count.

Check out this useful video that explains the process from beginning to end in less than 9 minutes.

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