Why I Only Comment on Blogs That Use Disqus

As many of you who have followed my content for years know, I have frequently reported on the importance of commenting on blogs for building traffic, backlinks and new interest in your own website. Especially for newer sites, this can’t be ignored. No matter how popular you are with friends, family and associates, they are not likely the ones purchasing your services and products. You need real traffic for that. Continue reading “Why I Only Comment on Blogs That Use Disqus”

Broken Links On Your WordPress Site?

If you’ve ever visited a website and went to click a link just to have it lead to a 404 error page, you know how annoying it is. Don’t do that to your visitors. Fortunately, WordPress has a plugin that will take care of the dirty work for you. With Broken Link Checker, your site can notify you of broken links automatically, giving you the opportunity to remove or update them at your convenience. Continue reading “Broken Links On Your WordPress Site?”