Interview with Marla Cilley aka FlyLady

The FlyLady
Marla Cilley
aka The FlyLady

Interviewing someone I’ve admired and personally followed for almost 15 years came with a unique set of challenges for me. Marla Cilley (known the world over as The FlyLady) has been interviewed numerous times over the years, all asking similar questions and lauding her brand’s success with hundreds of thousands of homemakers, housewives and women like me who actually enjoy housekeeping, organizing and never having to utter apologies to visitors for having an untidy home. What would make this interview different? How could I reveal something new when it seemed everything’s already been told?
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Interview with Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman
Marsha Friedman

“The term celebrity isn’t just reserved for the stars we read about in the tabloids, but rather, it also refers to experts who are known for being the tops in their chosen fields, many times removed from movie and TV stars,” says Friedman, author of Celebritize Yourself. “Whether you’re a doctor, financial advisor, real estate broker, used car sales person, or even a waiter, you can celebritize yourself in any field.” Continue reading “Interview with Marsha Friedman”

Interview with Andrea Nierenberg

Andrea Nierenberg
Andrea Nierenberg

Called a networking success story by The Wall Street Journal and deemed the Queen of Networking, Andrea Nierenberg is founder and President of The Nierenberg Group.

With a stellar 25 years as a leader in sales and marketing, Andrea is an in-demand business expert both at home and abroad. Her company partners with an array of the world’s leading businesses, including Citigroup, Time Inc., TIAA-CREF, The Food Network, Omnicom, Coach, Deutsche Bank, Tiffany and Douglas Elliman Real Estate, to name just a few. Continue reading “Interview with Andrea Nierenberg”

Interview with Sandra Dupont, LA Teen Therapist

Sandra Dupont, MA, MS, MFT

In her debut book, What Would Your Teen Life Coach Say? LA-based teen therapist Sandra Dupont presents fictional teens with real-life situations – like learning how to deal with physical changes, mood swings, and mean girls, how to talk to parents, siblings, boyfriends and girlfriends, how to set goals and define boundaries, and above all, how to be true to one’s self.

I was fortunate to be able to schedule some time to talk with Sandra and learn how she works social media into her practice. Continue reading “Interview with Sandra Dupont, LA Teen Therapist”