Top 12 Most Annoying PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes

PowerPoint has gotten a bad rap over the years. In fact, during graduate school, my program director actually told us at one point that we couldn’t use PowerPoint for our comprehensive exams (which is an oral presentation in front of all the faculty and students required for graduation) because PowerPoint slides were too cliche, too dull, too obnoxious, too outdated, or whatever other undesirable quality you might slap onto a digital presentation platform. So what was the reaction? Students in my program latched onto Prezi or SlideRocket or even Wix—which is actually a web design program. And the result? Just…

Source: Top 12 Most Annoying PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes

Drip Campaigns Make a Splash

splashTell the truth. You know that every business, small or large, needs marketing to grow. Even so, you probably aren’t spending a lot of time nurturing your leads. I get it. It can be confusing and time-consuming. You can schedule time every week to handcraft individual emails to keep in touch but as your mailing list grows, that will quickly become impossible to keep up with. Drip campaigns can put some of that lead nurturing on autopilot and keep those interested in your products and services engaged with you. Continue reading “Drip Campaigns Make a Splash”