Why Business Moves to WordPress

I shudder when I think back to how proud I was of my very first website. I found an HTML template that I purchased and then tweaked to death and, I realize now, it still looked pitiful. But I was so proud. Considering how much time and energy I’d put into designing it, I couldn’t really see how much time I’d actually wasted.

I’d heard of WordPress but thought it was only for bloggers. At the time I didn’t care about blogging; I just wanted a static site. (We all know now that we should be blogging no matter what business we run, right?) It was a client who turned me on to the fact that WordPress was more than a blogging platform. Small businesses and corporations were using hosted WordPress sites because it was an easy to manage CMS platform that saved them both time and money to manage.

So if you haven’t taken the plunge yet from your old HTML site (or Joomla, Weebly or one of the many other platforms) listen to what these professionals have to say about why they made the move to WordPress.


The Evergrow website was originally developed several years ago at considerable expense using HTML, PHP, etc. One of the primary reasons for moving to WordPress is that it is much quicker, easier, and less expensive to perform site updates, publish new content, and implement new site features. For example, we recently launched an online archive of recorded workshop footage for our clients. It would have cost a fortune, and taken several months, to implement this by contracting a developer to custom-code it. With WordPress, we simply installed a plugin that cost us nothing and that only took a few minutes to complete.

Ariel Coro

I’m an author, columnist and TV commentator specializing in consumer tech for the Hispanic Market. Our experience with migrating to self hosted WordPress has been remarkable. Our previous website was  HTML based and it was very difficult to maintain and keep up to date, this is without taking into account the challenges we faced when trying to do a multilingual site. The way I see it, the thousands of people creating and improving code, creating additional functionality in the form of plugins, themes and complementary software is impossible to match with your own developers. It’s much easier to tap into an ecosystem where you can leverage functionality that’s already built for you at a fraction of the price of developing it yourself. We’ve gained several advantages with our new site such as better SEO performance. We now rank on the first page of Google for many of our targeted keywords. We can upload an article in an instant without having to write any code. The ability to have video and photo galleries, a multilingual site and better social media integration has been achieved through plugins that have extended the basic features of this CMS.


I previously owned a creative agency where I had full-time designers on staff so it was easy for me to make changes to my website within 24 hours. Once I decided to shut down my agency and concentrate on designing ornaments for wholesale I quickly realized how difficult it is for people to update their own websites especially for minuscule updates. I decided to make the big leap from having an HTML site designed on Dreamweaver to using WordPress with a customizable template. Everyone has made it so easy to integrate their apps and services with WordPress it saves you a lot of time, headaches and money. For someone like me who has limited  HTML experience and some graphic skills (that I picked up from my employees) I am able to customize my website and make quick updates.

2D Graphics Programming for Games

I use a hosted WordPress installation for my book’s website. It’s so easy to create a customized but professional looking website. I wanted something I could use to both advertise my book as well as a resource for my readers. Previously I coded the website myself and would struggle to keep up with changes in mobile devices and various web browsers. Also, security is a constant concern with any website you build. Knowing that someone else is worrying about these things ensures I can focus on content. Once you have the basics set-up, it has great integration options. For example, it was easy to incorporate a video player linking directly to existing YouTube videos. The social networking links are easy to enable. Integrating with Twitter or Instagram feeds is simple, and allows the websites content to be automatically updated from those services. It just ensures you don’t have to recreate the wheel. And it’s free.

Accessibility Partners

We had an  HTML site for a couple of years, but when we decided to overhaul our layout and design, I knew the behind the scenes needed a makeover too. I can’t emphasize enough how much more intuitive WordPress is. The interfaces are very user-friendly for someone who wants to add quick posts with automatic styles. I don’t need to remember all of the codes because they are visual in front of me. Moreover, the media library is organized, as well as the linking to other pages feature. WordPress also makes our blogging easy, as it copies seamlessly over from Microsoft Word. I would recommend WordPress to anyone who has a website they need maintain, but not a lot of time to do it. The interface expedites updating content, and allows for multiple previews. I find that I am encountering significantly fewer cache errors than when I updated the HTML on the previous site.

East West Manufacturing

We are a global contract manufacturing company based in Atlanta, GA. We exist to manufacture our customers’ products in areas of the world where it is most strategically advantageous. Our website was designed in  HTML and maintained by a third party until two years ago when we had the entire site skinned and migrated into WordPress. Now the site is in our creative control and it has made an incredible difference! Unbelievably user friendly! We used to have to submit a ticket, wait for a reply, have the changes made in beta, preview, and then launch. Now, we make a change, preview, and launch in minutes, not hours or days. What used to cost ~$15,000 to build is now far less than 1/3 to create a site on one of the multiple thousands of WordPress templates or even merge a few template ideas for minimal cost. There are so many fantastic WP developers and internal WP widgets that costs have become much more reasonable.

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