Better PowerPoint Presentations with Speaker Notes

speakerIf there’s one wrong move you can make when giving a presentation, it’s talking to the screen and not to your audience. We’ve all seen it. The presenter who just reads the slides with his or her back turned to the room. It’s not a good look. If you’ve got an audience the least you can do is engage with good eye contact and an occasional glance across the room.

Many, however, miss this point. Speakers often spend more time on the PowerPoint presentation itself, focusing on the content, images and fonts. Little time, if any, is spent on the speaker notes that can accompany a presentation, making the speaker more focused and confident.

Two often overlooked features of PowerPoint are speaker notes and the Presenter View. With most laptops having the ability to project to multiple monitors, a speaker can have convenient speaker notes to view while speaking and, using Presenter View, the audience will only see the presentation itself.

Adding speaker notes to a PowerPoint slide is so easy. Simply add your notes to the Notes pane at the bottom of the slide window. If you do not see the Notes panel, just click Notes on the bottom left of your taskbar. There you go – now you have the pertinent notes you need for a smashing presentation. And you no longer have to read your slides line by line.
speaker notes ppt screenshot
Now all you have to do is load up your PowerPoint presentation in Presenter View and give the best presentation you’ve ever given.

To learn how to quickly set up Presenter View and present on two monitors, visit Microsoft Support by clicking here. It’s easy and you’ll never give presentations without speaker notes again. Trust me; your audience will thank you.

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