3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next Webinar

If you’ve ever hosted a webinar or teleseminar, you already know how valuable they can be to your marketing endeavors. Promoting your expertise to an audience that reaches far beyond your local market can boost your business and your reputation…but it can be a lot of work.

    1. Build buzz before your webinar by using social media several weeks beforehand. Don’t count on one-time posts to build an audience. Repeated posts on the top 3 social media venues (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) is essential. Reword your posts and schedule them at different times of day to get the most exposure.


    1. Take notes of the questions and concerns revealed during the webinar. This is critical. Identifying the pain points of your audience can give you insight into other products and services you can design and promote. If enough people are asking the same questions, you can be the solution and you already have direct access to those looking for resolutions to those issues.


  1. Repurpose content after the webinar. A transcription of the webinar can be turned into an e-book, a checklist or a follow-up document afterwards. Remember, those who attended the webinar most likely weren’t able to take copious notes while listening. They most likely miss some of the best stuff. Go above and beyond. Don’t just give them a link to a recording like everyone else does. An ebook or checklist of the highlights is uncommon – and makes you and your brand stand out. Provide it immediately after your webinar and you position yourself as a superstar!

So you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time for all that. I’ve got a business to run.” That’s why I’m here. If you’ve got the subject matter and content for your webinar, I can help you promote it before and after.

One webinar can generate e-material (ebooks and checklists), blog posts, social media posts (before and after) and future services and products. Before you plan your next webinar or teleseminar, consult with me. We can strengthen your brand and draw attention to your business. Together.

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