MicroMentor Issues Rally Call for 1,500 More Relationships

Ok, listen up ladies and gentlemen. This is not a request to be taken lightly. I’m certain many of you have already heard of MicroMentor before but if you haven’t, please listen for a moment.

As adults, I think we often think of the mentors we had (hopefully you all did) when we were younger. I met my first when I was 18 and she’s like my big sister today.These relationships can last a lifetime but often we didn’t have specific mentors for certain needs when we started our businesses.

I remember the day I heard about MicroMentor. I was reading a magazine on the bus on the way home from an appointment years ago and I believe it was Inc. magazine. An article mentioned how mentors and mentees could be connected for no cost and a 3-month commitment. I tore it out and made a task reminder in Outlook once I got home. We’re talking about leaders in their industries. Not necessarily the industry of virtual assistance (in my case), but just scroll through any forum in LinkedIn and you’ll see how many people are looking for marketing, social media, lead generation, writing and business development help. These are the people who know what you’re asking about and will develop a RELATIONSHIP with you to take you from your questions to your goals.

It’s not a quick and easy process but it’s worth the investigation and commitment. MicroMentor quotes, “…in 2012 alone, entrepreneurs who connected with a mentor, averaged 106 percent revenue growth. Businesses mentored through MicroMentor have an 82 percent survival rate, and half create a new job within a year, according to MicroMentor’s latest business outcomes survey.” Who wouldn’t want to see that kind of success in their own business? When’s the last time you said, “I’ve just got too much money and too many clients!”

MicroMentor is trying to reach a goal right now. They’re rallying for 1,500 new mentor-mentee relationships before this year’s Small Business Week in May. What in the world do you have to lose? I’ve already signed up (finally after all these years) and I strongly suggest you do as well. I signed up as a mentor after seeing so many mentor requests for things I know like the back of my hand. So it doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Get what you need or give what you know.

Few things so good are free so I’m going to share this in another group I belong to and I hope you’ll spread the word as well.

Read more about MicroMentor’s rally and then check out some of their success stories, too. Get inspired!


And let’s make this a real discussion! What would you ask a mentor to help you with?

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  • SUPER NEWS! I just got an email and my mentor has accepted me! Thank you so much, Joe! Looking forward to what we’ll do together.

  • Hi, Patricia!

    Thank you for writing such an incredibly thoughtful post about business mentoring and our rally call to reach 1,500 new mentoring matches in the coming months!

    It probably goes without saying, but we completely agree with your reflection on the importance of mentors in our lives—for both personal and business development. We’ve seen the impact of mentoring on entrepreneurs and their businesses again and again.

    We want to encourage more small business owners to seek mentors, and invite anyone with experience in business ownership or a specific area of expertise (marketing, finance, business development, etc.) to take advantage of this skills-based volunteering opportunity by signing up at MicroMentor.org.

    Joey @ MicroMentor

    • Thank YOU, Joey, for stopping by after seeing my tweet about your incredible organization. As I said in this post, I scroll through my LinkedIn groups and no matter what the subject, someone is looking for guidance and tips that a relationship with a mentor could provide. It’s one thing to flip through a book or check out a video. It’s a whole other ballgame when you have an intimate relationship with an individual who can give you real-life examples of what did and didn’t work. So I’m joining you in your rally and I’m excited to see what happens by Biz Week 2014! And hey, keep that tweet going. Two individuals have already signed up for mentors (Piper below is one of them!!) and I’m expecting we’ll see even more soon.

  • Piper V. Moore

    I established my business in 2010 for Executive Coaching. I felt that the growth of my company was coming slower than I desired. Over the past couple of years I have reached out to several entrepreneurs who have been in business longer than I for mentoring. I also meet with representatives of organizations in business to help entrepreneurs grow their small businesses. My efforts did not net any mentoring beyond a conversation which was not enough. After reading your post on Linkedin.com I researched MicroMentor and registered. MicroMentor gave me the option to review profiles of registered mentors and request a specific mentor. Additionally, my profile was open for mentors to make a request to mentor me based on my specific needs and requirements. Though the mentor I requested responded several days after I submitted my request and informed me he was referring me to someone else, who has not contacted me, there was one mentor who requested to mentor me the day after I posted my profile. Three days after my post….I was matched with my mentor, I have had my initial face to face meeting with my mentor and have established a plan of action to move forward. Timing is everything. Patricia, thank you for your post on Linkedin. Piper V. Moore, PM Morning, LLC

    • Piper, that is just wonderful! Wonderful news! Be sure to keep spreading the word – if not about this post, just about the great word MicroMentor is doing for people like us!!

    • Also, Piper, if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly do you want to work on with your mentor?