Meet Patricia

Patricia Nixon of Nixon Virtual StrategiesWith writing recognized by Forbes Magazine, a background in Information Technology and a career that includes consulting for some of the largest and most recognizable organizations such as the NYC Mayor’s Office, KPMG and Guardian Life Insurance, Patricia has always been a step ahead of her peers when it came to technology. “My girlfriends would be out shopping for shoes and handbags while I stood with my nose pressed to the windows of electronic stores checking out the latest gadgets,” she admits.


mini-MBA, Digital Marketing Strategy – Rutgers Business School, 2017
mini-MBA, Social Media Marketing – Rutgers Business School, 2017
Microsoft Certified Professional
Content recognized by Forbes Magazine
a host of satisfied clients

For those who find themselves overwhelmed by social media and all things digital, it’s often because they try to fit whatever the latest and greatest application or platform is into their businesses or personal lives without first identifying a need. Any frustration is going to be heightened if what they’re using isn’t made for what they want to achieve. Find the need first; follow with the solution.

Patricia was born and raised in New York and currently resides in New Jersey. She is an avid writer, enjoys listening to audio books while curled up in front of the fireplace and loves gardening, albeit on her deck.