Public Forums 101 – Debate; Don’t Debase

Fight!I’ve always enjoyed a good debate. I’m talking about elbows to the table, brows wrinkled with thought, finger-pointing and all. Since I have maintained friendships over the years, there is obviously some decorum displayed. Still, I find a good debate to be healthy and I always respect someone who not only has a point and defends it, but can do so with flair as well as passion. Continue reading “Public Forums 101 – Debate; Don’t Debase”

Online Community Building: Start with a Solid Foundation

FoundationJust about everyone today has a blog, a group, a page or a social profile.  Vanessa Rhinesmith shares this on-point article from Tech Affect to help you build a strong online community.  It takes more than you may think.

We often talk about social media and community engagement, but don’t always separate the two. It is important to understand the distinction between social media and community as well as how they complement one another within a social strategy. Continue reading “Online Community Building: Start with a Solid Foundation”

Social Media Drives Traditional Media Coverage

If you think what you’re talking about doesn’t matter, you’re wrong. Traditional media is listening.  Al Krueger shares this PRWeek article.

For years conventional wisdom has dictated that the best way to garner traditional media coverage is to deliver stories to the media. The media would then deliver this news…only if they deemed it to be relevant. Continue reading “Social Media Drives Traditional Media Coverage”

Renewed Interest in Growing Online Communities

CommunityThe tide is turning.

People are finally realizing that the online communities they’ve left abandoned could probably use some attention. I don’t know if this is due to frustrations with Facebook or mounting concerns over the fact that they’ve put all of their eggs in someone else’s basket and not enough in their own.

It seems logical to try to build your community on existing platforms, especially when you constantly hear about their size and the same old case studies about the success of company A or company B and how you too could be capitalizing on all of these millions of people waiting to interact with your brand. Continue reading “Renewed Interest in Growing Online Communities”