You’re an Expert? Prove It on LinkedIn!

I’ve mentioned this several times before but it’s worth mentioning again. I remember reading a study that suggested people are more likely to purchase something they don’t need from someone they like than they are to purchase something they do need from someone they don’t like. In other words, even if you have the best product or service, if people don’t like you they’ll buy it from someone else or do without. For that reason, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re more than what you’re selling. You’re a person, you’re approachable and you care about the people you’re selling to, right? Then get over to LinkedIn Answers on the double! Continue reading “You’re an Expert? Prove It on LinkedIn!”

LinkedIn Groups 101: Design *BEFORE* Sending Invitations

CautionTonight, an invitation to a LinkedIn group set me ablaze.

I came across a tweet inviting all to join a new LinkedIn group about positivity and inspiration. I can always go for some of that so I clicked the link and there I was. No discussions, no content, no group rules, nothing. I took one more step and clicked on the Members tab to see that I was, indeed, the only member other than the group owner. I left the group and I probably won’t return. It seems everyone who thinks (s)he has a good idea also believes (s)he can just create a group, invite people and it will flourish. That’s just not how it works. Continue reading “LinkedIn Groups 101: Design *BEFORE* Sending Invitations”