Harvard Lecturer Explains How To Achieve Extreme Productivity

Many businesses, such as law and accounting firms, bill clients by the hour. It’s been this way for decades and it’s generally expected that when you’re paying more, you’re getting the best. But the system is fundamentally flawed. It rewards the unproductive. It also wastes time on behalf of clients. Don’t get me wrong; you should get what you pay for. But if you spend two hours going through old invoices with a fine-tooth comb to see if you can find even an hour of erroneously billed time, what’s that really saving? If you charged $100 an hour for your services would it be worth $200 to find a $50 error? Continue reading “Harvard Lecturer Explains How To Achieve Extreme Productivity”

Zombie Accounts – They’ll Haunt You

Zombie AccountsBe afraid. Be very afraid. Dawn of the Dead has nothing on these zombies that I’m talking about today. Remember those apps you tried out and forgot about? How about MySpace – remember that? What about those magazine subscriptions you had to sign in to access so you created yet another account with its own username and password? Those are your zombie accounts. Continue reading “Zombie Accounts – They’ll Haunt You”

Oh No – Not Another Password!

I remember when it was cool to have an online account to something … anything. I recall when I first signed up for online accounts to all the local supermarkets I frequented. I thought it was great to be able to log in and see the circulars, save favorite products in my online shopping list and keep an eye on sales. Now, years later, I currently have 531 passwords and I know only about a dozen by heart. The rest I couldn’t tell you if I were tortured. Continue reading “Oh No – Not Another Password!”