What Your Website Is Missing – The Legal Stuff

When you create a new website or have one designed for you, the last thing you’re likely to think of is legalities. Let’s face it; most personal websites don’t have disclaimers, copyright notices and privacy policies and many overlook this as part of a website design strategy. What’s even worse is when someone you’ve paid to design your site also doesn’t have a clue and is experimenting at your expense, literally. All it takes is a few episodes of court TV and the recurrent, “Did you put it in writing?!” theme to remind us how important it is to set forth how the content on our websites may be used and how data might be collected. Continue reading “What Your Website Is Missing – The Legal Stuff”

Easiest Way to Back Up Your WordPress Site

files securedSee that photo to the left of the fried computer? That really can happen. And that’s a phone on top that burned to a crisp! When’s the last time you backed up your WordPress website? A month ago? A year ago? Never? I’m not ashamed to admit that even as this is what I do for a living (design and maintain websites) in the past backing up my own site was the last thing on my mind. Continue reading “Easiest Way to Back Up Your WordPress Site”