Why I Kicked Pinterest to the Curb

NVS-pinterest-badgeWhen it comes to social media I’ve said from the beginning that it’s not necessary to be on every platform, no matter how popular. Besides the time it takes to manage all those accounts, certain social media platforms are more beneficial to particular businesses.

When MySpace was all the rage not too long ago, many of my friends invited me and eventually I gave in and accepted. At the time Nixon Virtual Strategies didn’t exist so I wasn’t using it for anything other than staying in touch with friends and keeping up with what they were doing. It didn’t take long for me (and many others) to discover that MySpace was quickly becoming a band base – a place for artists to showcase their music. I ignored my profile for quite some time until I eventually deleted it and that was that.

And now we have Pinterest. Pinterest is huge on the social media scene now and I admit it has a magazine feel to it that keeps me scrolling endlessly. I have found and shared recipes, DIY home tips, crafting ideas, gardening tips and fashions on Facebook, Twitter and by email. It’s wonderful! So why am I no longer promoting Nixon Virtual Strategies on Pinterest? Because it doesn’t suit my business needs.

If I sold products, Pinterest would absolutely be the place to be. It’s the perfect visual portfolio for clothing and jewelry designers, anyone selling a physical product – something that lends itself to being seen. For me, promoting my blog posts and articles it isn’t necessary. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t use it for your business needs. But stop and think about what you’re trying to do before leaning into the “next big thing” because sometimes it just doesn’t align with your goals.

And yes, I absolutely will continue to use Pinterest and you are more than welcome to take a look at my pins. I pin and repin about food, fashion, home office essentials and organization amongst other things. While some of this has nothing to do with business, that’s ok. We’re only people and I don’t mind at all exposing my many dimensions with my friends, fans and followers!

So tell me…why do you pin? Answer in the comments section below.

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  • RocksDelux Jewels

    I love Pinterest! I make handcrafted black diamond & precious gemstone jewels but Pinterest is so full of amazing inspiration & it’s so easy to create your boards that in turn creates a visual representation of you as a person and not just your brand! I love this personal angle it naturally creates. When I pin or re-pin it’s what I love & I use it as my personal mood board for all my dreams and wishes. 🙂

    It happens to be my business account but I hope that my creative tastes & interests spark inspiration in others too! I’m at http://www.pinterest.com/rocksdelux come visit 🙂

    • Hey! Following up with you. How’s it going with Pinterest? Are you finding it adds value to your fans and followers? @rocksdeluxjewels:disqus

  • Delphine Debauve

    Hi Patricia,
    Nice article, and I totally agree with you!
    Though I enjoy Pinterest I can’t see how it can help promoting my VA business.

    • Thank you, Delphine. Hope you shared it on Facebook and/or Twitter. I would be interested in seeing how other VAs (and other professionals in general) who have SERVICE businesses are using Pinterest effectively and are seeing a marked positive effect. Just using it is easy, but for certain businesses I do not see it being worth the effort. But I can say if you want to take a look at the board I was using for NVS it’s here. I mostly used it to promote blog articles and since all my posts have images associated that was one way of using them. http://www.pinterest.com/nixonvs/nixon-virtual-strategies/ Even though I’m not longer promoting it there’s no need to delete the board. That board hasn’t done anything to anyone! 🙂

      • Delphine Debauve

        Indeed I’d be very curious too but I must admit that even if you find someone saying he’s doing great on Pinterest I would be very sceptical.. (obviously we’re talking about service businesses). So good luck to you 🙂

        Twitter done of course. Sorry about Facebook my connections there are 95% French speaking people (like me).

        • I second that…I’d be skeptical as well. I need to see some stats or something. Because even when I find something interesting on Pinterest I can count on one hand the number of times I actually follow the image back to the originatin gsite for more info. Unless it’s something like a recipe that I actually plan to make or a makeup tip, for instance.

        • I too am a VA and find Pinterest totally useless. If the pin it button is there -I’ll pin it but wont go out of my way to do so.

  • Janice Taylor

    I think you may well be onto something here Patricia, I really enjoy ‘playing around with Pinterest and will continue to do so’, but in terms of my service business, it may not be the best thing.

    • And I think that’s the bottom line, Janice. There are lots of fun, positive ways that social media platforms can work their ways into our lives but not all of them are necessarily the right places for us to promote our businesses. And what’s your Pinterest link? I’d love to share some recipes and DIY home projects with ya! Now *that’s* how I use Pinterest!

  • Blackbird Learning

    I agree with you Patricia. Pinterest doesn’t suit my business needs either. I use it to get lost in recipes or decorating ideas. I also enjoy looking at their retro pages for fashion. I’ll post my business in other places.

    • Yes! I could flick through images for hours on end. I love the platform but it’s nice to be able to drop something off my biz to do list and it NOT be because I’m too busy. It’s just because it doesn’t work for me. Glad I’m not alone!