Networking – How to Work the Numbers

women-networkingSometimes I come across an article that’s so succinct, smart and useful I have to share it! This is one of those articles from our friends over at The Wake County Women Business Owners Network. I’m not one to get caught up in numbers when I’m networking – it’s just not how I do business. But these tips might just have me rethinking a few things. Read on! Continue reading “Networking – How to Work the Numbers”

MicroMentor Issues Rally Call for 1,500 More Relationships

Ok, listen up ladies and gentlemen. This is not a request to be taken lightly. I’m certain many of you have already heard of MicroMentor before but if you haven’t, please listen for a moment.

As adults, I think we often think of the mentors we had (hopefully you all did) when we were younger. I met my first when I was 18 and she’s like my big sister today.These relationships can last a lifetime but often we didn’t have specific mentors for certain needs when we started our businesses. Continue reading “MicroMentor Issues Rally Call for 1,500 More Relationships”

What Your Website Is Missing – The Legal Stuff

When you create a new website or have one designed for you, the last thing you’re likely to think of is legalities. Let’s face it; most personal websites don’t have disclaimers, copyright notices and privacy policies and many overlook this as part of a website design strategy. What’s even worse is when someone you’ve paid to design your site also doesn’t have a clue and is experimenting at your expense, literally. All it takes is a few episodes of court TV and the recurrent, “Did you put it in writing?!” theme to remind us how important it is to set forth how the content on our websites may be used and how data might be collected. Continue reading “What Your Website Is Missing – The Legal Stuff”