The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch

Aileen Pincus
Aileen Pincus

One of the most important things a businessperson can do — especially an owner or someone who is involved in sales—is learn how to speak about his business to others. Being able to sum up unique aspects of your service or product in a way that excites others should be a fundamental skill. Yet many executives pay little attention to the continuing development of “the elevator pitch” — the quick, succinct summation of what your company makes or does. Continue reading “The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch”

Part 1 Networking vs. Self-Promotion on the Extra Effort Forum

PodcastHosted by Dr. Andrew T. Carr with co-producer Patricia Nixon, author of ForbesWoman’s article, Are You Networking Or Self-Promoting? two of America’s preeminent networkers,  Andrea Nierenberg, author of Nonstop Networking, Million Dollar Network and Savvy Networking and George C. Fraser, author of Success Runs in Our Race and Click discuss successful strategies for sophisticated networking.  Listen in and hone your skills!

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LinkedIn Laziness – Canned Invitations


Oh my! I’m so guilty of this one and many of you here are already aware. While I like to consider myself a savvy communicator I have certainly dropped the ball in this case and I apologize to those of you on the other end of my poor introduction. I can’t count the times I’ve made comments to a discussion, found other comments relevant, unique and/or interesting and very thoughtlessly sent an invitation to connect with the poster. I merely selected the group we share from the drop down menu and clicked Send Invitation leaving the “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Patricia” part intact and unrevised. Continue reading “LinkedIn Laziness – Canned Invitations”