Stop Acting Like You Work at a Big Company


I came across a great article by Laura Garnett over at Inc. and had to share it with my readers. I’ve often fought myself over my own work habits. I’m a night owl by nature. I love it when the world is asleep and I can work without distraction into the wee hours of the morning. My thoughts and focus seem to come alive as the night draws in. Well, we all have a work style. Check out how you can find your sweet spot. Continue reading “Stop Acting Like You Work at a Big Company”

5 Reasons You Should Comment on Blogs

Awhile ago I wrote Why Don’t We Comment on Blogs and to date it is still the most popular and heavily commented post in this blog. Apparently, for all the blogging we’re doing, everyone wants to know what it takes to get more blog comments. But, of course, before you can get the comments, you’ve got to get the readers. So today we’re readdressing the blog commenting issue from another angle. You, my friend, should still be commenting on blogs. Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Comment on Blogs”

Broken Links On Your WordPress Site?

If you’ve ever visited a website and went to click a link just to have it lead to a 404 error page, you know how annoying it is. Don’t do that to your visitors. Fortunately, WordPress has a plugin that will take care of the dirty work for you. With Broken Link Checker, your site can notify you of broken links automatically, giving you the opportunity to remove or update them at your convenience. Continue reading “Broken Links On Your WordPress Site?”