LinkedIn Laziness – Canned Invitations


Oh my! I’m so guilty of this one and many of you here are already aware. While I like to consider myself a savvy communicator I have certainly dropped the ball in this case and I apologize to those of you on the other end of my poor introduction. I can’t count the times I’ve made comments to a discussion, found other comments relevant, unique and/or interesting and very thoughtlessly sent an invitation to connect with the poster. I merely selected the group we share from the drop down menu and clicked Send Invitation leaving the “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Patricia” part intact and unrevised. Continue reading “LinkedIn Laziness – Canned Invitations”

Rethinking LinkedIn; It’s a Tool, Not a Toy

ToyIt has become apparent to me that at the same time many laud the value of LinkedIn, very few wield it as the exceptional tool it is to generate opportunities. While I see many profiles with hundreds of connections most will admit that few if any opportunities avail themselves merely by having large networks. Is it even possible to continuously stay in meaningful communication with such a large number of individuals and if not what is the point? Continue reading “Rethinking LinkedIn; It’s a Tool, Not a Toy”

Selling – Are You Pitching Too Hard?

Several months ago a new neighbor moved into my complex. I, being my friendly and effervescent self, stopped by after I saw curtains up and introduced myself. We hit it off and within a few weeks began dropping by each other’s apartments for chit chat.

At about the same time I was having a problem with the windows in my living room and the building’s management team wasn’t very responsive. This came up in conversation one afternoon and my new neighbor asked if I had a lawyer. I laughed it off and said I didn’t think it was going to get that serious, but before I knew it I had a lapful of brochures and a hard sales pitch for prepaid legal services aimed right between my eyes. I remained amiable, told her I wasn’t interested at the time but took the brochures anyway. Continue reading “Selling – Are You Pitching Too Hard?”

Social Media 101 – Funnel Then Expand

NVS TipsFrequently, I’ll sit across from a prospect or new client filled with enthusiasm about using social media to build a following and present a brand to the world.  Regardless of the industry, age or knowledge of social media clients such as Twitter, Facebook and even memories of MySpace, the angle initially is always the same.  Everyone wants to be everywhere.  Right now.  Today. Immediately. Continue reading “Social Media 101 – Funnel Then Expand”