Interview with Marla Cilley aka FlyLady

The FlyLady
Marla Cilley
aka The FlyLady

Interviewing someone I’ve admired and personally followed for almost 15 years came with a unique set of challenges for me. Marla Cilley (known the world over as The FlyLady) has been interviewed numerous times over the years, all asking similar questions and lauding her brand’s success with hundreds of thousands of homemakers, housewives and women like me who actually enjoy housekeeping, organizing and never having to utter apologies to visitors for having an untidy home. What would make this interview different? How could I reveal something new when it seemed everything’s already been told?
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Better Password Management with SplashID Pro

Business Challenge

I have over 600 passwords and all of them are active. I run a virtual business and have clients throughout the U.S. Because my clients entrust me with access to their accounts which often contain confidential information such as credit card numbers, access codes and other sensitive information, I have to ensure that it’s secure at all times, even if any of my devices were lost or stolen.

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Better PowerPoint Presentations with Speaker Notes

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Why I Only Comment on Blogs That Use Disqus

As many of you who have followed my content for years know, I have frequently reported on the importance of commenting on blogs for building traffic, backlinks and new interest in your own website. Especially for newer sites, this can’t be ignored. No matter how popular you are with friends, family and associates, they are not likely the ones purchasing your services and products. You need real traffic for that. Continue reading “Why I Only Comment on Blogs That Use Disqus”